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MAMA is Re-Opening At 2 New Locations!



To share, conserve, promote, and celebrate Africa’s beauty and rich history through art and culture while providing programs that educate the Midwestern population on our common heritage.


The Midwestern African Museum of Art (MAMA) Culture and Resource Center endeavors to be a hub of community learning and enrichment. By creating a place where both children and adults can learn our common heritage, we will celebrate each other’s uniqueness and diversity, and create a global community. The Museum will strive to ignite creativity, encourage critical thinking, and spark conversation through an educational approach.


Opened by Former President Joyce Banda, Malawi’s first female president and second on the African continent, the Midwestern African Museum of Art, Culture & Resource Center (MAMA) is a non-profit organization formed to provide unique and meaningful programming for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We are the first and only African art museum in the Midwest.

We seek to develop and share the richness and diversity of the African heritage through history, art and culture. We aim to do this from differing viewpoints so as to promote dialogue. MAMA aims to offer an experience that increases awareness and interest in African arts and culture.

The concept was established 10 years ago by Founder Seth Mock Riek. Mr. Riek is heavily involved in the African immigrant community development and has a special relationship with the Sudanese refugees. MAMA opened its doors to the public on October 16, 2016.


Executive Director
Dr. Danvas Mabeya
Seth Mock Riek
Art Installation
Gregory Spaulding
Development Director
Sarah Sudi
Commun. + Media (Giants)
David Munyaneza
Project Manager
Mujahid “Tiger”
Advisor + Program Development
Brent Martin



Embark on a journey to rediscover Africa at MAMA. Come learn about the different African culture and history illustrated through art.

Each staff member is well-informed on African culture, history, and art to ensure the ultimate experience here at MAMA.

  • African Story telling
  • Painting/Drawings
  • Clay/Pottery Workshops


MAMA’s Reading program aims to promote healthy and successful children and families through reading. MAMA will be hosting reading sessions every week:

These African-themed sessions aim not only promote reading but to also shed a light on African culture. Kids will also have the chance to learn African drumming and dancing during the sessions.

To register, simply send us an email at

Additional Programs

  • After School Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Workshops (kids, adults, employee team-building, wellness at work)
  • History of Coffee


On the first Friday of every month, not only will MAMA be opening its doors to different African musicians which will be performing live at MAMA. but Guests can also indulge in African coffee and treats while touring our Founders Gallery and enjoying African music. 

  • School Assemblies
  • Public Performances
  • Art Tour (Every First Friday of The Month)



Did you know that coffee actually originated from Ethiopia, Africa?

During the First Friday Art Walk, MAMA’s coffee will serve a variety of authentic African coffee beans with delicious African treats. Our coffees are specially imported from different parts of Africa such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Congo, and refugee regions such as Gambella.  

To purchase contact us here or pick up from the Museum.

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